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Nestled in the Roomassala Mountain neighbour hood..

"Upper Villa" & "Rock Villa"Nestled in the Roomassala mountain neighborhood (full of rare medicinal herbs) and close to  the “Natural Harbour of Galle”, Mr. Marcus,  a member of the “Dias Family” a traditional family  a legend by itself  has built an awesome hotel/guest house on the serene and crescent shaped  beach with golden sand in the bay of “Unawatuna”  the famous beach discovered by the 1970 s’ flower children. The “Rock House” Guest house, situated in “Yaddehimulla” at Unawatuna.


“Rock House”, Before a Legend..

ru2Indian  mythology has  its’ famous story of “Rama – Reetha”  love story in which Lankadeepa (Sri Lanka) is described as the kingdom of “Emperor Ravana”. When the brother of Rama, Vibeeshana was wounded in the ensuing war the ape soldier Hanuman (demi god)was sent to the Himalya mountain to bring back  medicine.

When hanuman could not find the particular herb he brought a piece of himalaya mountain by air. Several pieces fell on to the sea and one such piece is the “Roomassala Mountain”.


The Best View of Unawatuna, from “Rock House”..

Unawatuna Beach

The awesome view from the hotel premises reaches right up to the horizon of Unawatuna with golden sandy stretches of serene beach , coconut palms swaying in the gentle breeze overlooking breathtaking sunsets.Also the view of  the Galle Harbour, full of the local fishing boats which are since recently been joined by the best private yatches in the world who visit the harbor on their round the world tours.


About Facilities..

The guest house which is built right in to the mountain wall consist of, (one wall in the room is carved in to the rock itself) several comfortable rooms (A/C 8 nos. Non A/C 12 nos.) with attached toilets with hot water facility, mosquito nets and electric fans in the Non A/C rooms, your very own private kitchenette complete with fridge right inside the room to do your own bit of culinary practice trying out gourmet dishes with freshly caught sea food such as prawns, cuttle fish oysters and endless varieties of sea fish.

Standered Double Room A Room of the "Rock Villa" DSC09567

Several bright and sunlit suites with open balconies on top of the rock overlooking the bay of Unawatuna and the Galle Harbour, 24/7 customer service with friendly staff serving you with a smile at all times, restaurant with gourmet food (freshly caught fish /sea food at all times) and bar facility full of classy liquor to quench your thirst, communication facilities and transport facilities which could be arranged as an when the guests need them, TV and Video equipment on request.

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